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Its mid-autumn here in New Zealand.

The leaves are slowly falling off the trees, the temperature is a bit cooler and…we are still on quarantine.

I plan to read more Filipino cookbooks by this month and try a few interesting recipes, but I am quite discouraged knowing that I lack ingredients and I still have to line up to the grocery even if I just want to buy a bag of flour.


I binged watched Money Heist and Wok of Love and a couple more Korean Series instead (haha).

I did a few productive things for my blog though.

I rebranded my blog, changed my hosting service, migrated my site, did a few tweaks in my site pages and I did lots of googling on “how I can redirect my site?”, “how to change address on google search console?”, and “how on earth can I generate an xml address for google sitemap?”. And all that computer techy stuff you would not believe a mom would be interested to know about.

I know.

I just unleashed my inner webmaster skills.

Just kidding! it took me a long time to find answers.

But after successfully migrating my site to a new domain and doing all the stuff needed for my site to still thrive in the internet, the hard work finally paid off when I finally saw the new face of my site.

Truth is, I am just a mom.

But I am a mom who loves to blog.

Not to show off as an expert, but to become a contributor to something that I believe in.

And I truly believe in empowering women to do whatever they wanted to do in life, to truly express themselves, to be able to create something valuable to the community and to be able to earn an income while having the time to take care of themselves and their family.

And blogging has opened doors of opportunity to women who believe that they can do great things and make a difference even just sitting down for two hours in their laptops at the comfort of their homes.

Are you interested in blogging too?

I have written a short guide on How to Start a Food Blog, so you can start your blog up and running now.

To your success,


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