• pipino salad (filipino cucumber salad)

    Pipino Salad (Filipino Cucumber Salad)

    “Pipino” is the Filipino term for cucumber, a vegetable in which fruits are used as an ingredient for making fresh salads and added to “kinilaw” (ceviches) in my province. Pipino salad is simply made by tossing cucumber slices with vinegar-sugar dressing. For this recipe, I added a few slices of onions and crushed ginger just to give more flavor and kick to the dish. Easy to make and super refreshing, this pipino salad is a perfect side to your meals. How to choose the right cucumbers to use for salads? There is only one rule in choosing the right cucumbers to use for salads. The smaller the seeds, the better. Each cucumber seed is surrounded with a watery flesh which…

  • Okra salad

    Okra Salad

    Okra is a vegetable that grows abundantly in the tropical countries like Philippines. Back then, we used to grow our own okra so my father would make this wonderful okra salad which I honestly did not appreciate before. But as I grew up and realized I need more veggies in my life, I suddenly missed the blanched okra mixed with tomatoes and red onions flavoured with the funky “guinamos” or “bagoong” which imparts salty flavor to the dish. This okra salad is perfect to prepare specially this time after the heavy feed we had on the holidays. We usually serve this okra salad with fried fish and steamed rice. Warning! It’s addictive! 🙂 Hope you try this recipe and let…


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