• Pancit Sabsab

    Pancit Sabsab

    I was watching an episode of Pinasarap the other day and one particular dish piqued my interest. Pancit Sabsab is a variety of Filipino pancit which is very popular in Taal Batangas. It is sold like a “pan de sal” in the morning where people line up for their takeaway pancit fix. Pancit Sabsab is a noodle dish prepared by stir-frying pancit and sotanghon with meat and vegetables served in a balisungsong or cone-shaped banana leaf. I believe this dish is similar to “Bam-i”, a popular noodle dish in Mindanao prepared exactly the same way but may vary with the meat and vegetables added. This dish is a version I created, inspired by the authentic Pancit Sabsab dish. I must…

  • pancit canton

    Pancit Canton

    Pancit canton is the Filipino version of the Chinese stir-fried noodles “chow mein” or “lo mein”. The term “pancit canton” refers to the type of noodles used for the dish and it is also the name of the dish. We, Filipinos love eating pancit in general. In fact, we always expect a noodle dish to be served on special occassions and even on regular days. This recipe is packed and flavoured with pork belly, shrimps, squid rings and fishball. I also added a few vegetables like juliened carrots, capsicum and green beans. Just stir-fry everything and then you’d have a delicious, filling meal in just a few minutes. Enjoy!   Stir-fried pancit canton noodles packed and flavoured with pork belly, shrimps,…

  • sotanghon guisado

    Sotanghon Guisado

      If I have to rank all the popular noodles that we Filipinos like to cook and eat, “pancit” would be ranked number one and then “sotanghon guisado” would be the next. Whether it is just a regular day or if there’s a celebration, I grew up thinking that these two Filipino noodle dishes should always be served in the table.  Sotanghon Guisado is a Filipino noodle dish made of sotanghon noodles – a transparent, glass-like noodles made from starch. The dry noodles are soaked in the water to soften and then stir-fried with meat and vegetables.  What is Sotanghon made of? Sotanghon noodles also called cellophane noodles or vermicelli are noodles made from a mixture of mung bean starch…


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