• bacon egg and orange kumara

    Bacon, Egg & Orange Kumara

    On lazy days when I don’t feel like slaving in the kitchen, I make myself a quick, guilt-free, tasty breakfast. Lately, I found myself loving bacon, egg and orange kumara. Kumara is the Maori term for sweet potato or “kamote” as we say it in Tagalog or Visayan language. Who would not love sweet potato? It is packed with Vitamin A, Beta-carotene and antioxidants. A cup of sweet potato contains 10 grams of fibre and 48 grams of carbohydrate compared to a cup of white rice which contains 58 grams of carbohydrate. And that’s all you get from white rice, nothing else. I am not a nutrition expert of some sort, but I am just feeling good inside and out…


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